Automatic egg collection system

The cross conveyor collects eggs from different rows. Center of the system is galvanized conveyor chain with plastic hose outsourced and two side chain with hardening treatment. The eggs slips from the collection machines onto the cross conveyor. All the cross bars are in a plane which means running smooth and stable to keep the eggs in good condition. The whole system is professional produced, specialized produced for chicken farms. This system is high efficient collection system. All the equip Learn More

Poultry cooling pad

The cooling process is finished within core part-paper pad. There is a thin water film on the waviness surface of cellulose paper. When heat air outside is inhaled through the pad by exhaust fan, the moisture on the water film will absorb the heat and is vaporized into vapour, thus cool air will enter the house. Product features 1 made of high-quality cellulose paper, with 45°angles and clean cutting edges, not leading to dust collection surface. 2 Great permeability ensures water is uniformly Learn More

Ventilation fan

galvanized frame: Through strength test, square frame and round air guide sleeve are stamped and connected together by standard fasteners, using electric power and air tools. zn-coat thickness no less than 200g/㎡,resistant to corrosion an weathering. louver leaves: Hot galvanized louver leaves are also made by stamping mold. 1.5mm-thick middle louver leaf supports plastic automatic centrifugal opening device, ensuring no deformation after operation for a long time. When fan stops operation, al Learn More