H-type pullet cage system

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H frame pullet cage system is designed with feeding hopper or feeding chain systems. The whole cage system are made by hot dipped galvanization in order to get longer life time. The system are widely used in close house which equipped with chicken house TCU. This system can get best rearing effect because the chicken house space can be used in maximize productivity, easy to install and control because all system is automatic.

H-type pullet cage system


1. Main components : bottom wire, roof wire, separate wire, cage door, special wire.

2. Simple assembly of 2 to 8 tiers;

3. Feed troughs are mounted on supports for trough stability and long service life;

4. Feed trough with inner rim provides minimal feed losses;

5. Upper walkway for batteries with more than 5 tiers = easy bird control;

6. Remarkably low bird mortality during rearing.

7. The material of the cage is adopt high quality iron use the special craft weld together.

8. The surface adopt hot-dip galvanizing or chemical galvanizing which can keep long life time, better elasticity and higher intensity.

9. We can design different cages accord the cline’s requirement.

H frame pullet cage system is designed with feeding hopper or feeding chain system

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